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These are my two track arts for Land of Fans and Music 2, the new fan music album for Homestuck.

The first is redrawn from the original I did which, in the end. I decided I was not fond of in the slightest. Since I was doing this second one anyway, I decided to take the oppurtunity to redraw the first one as well. I am much happier with the new picture! It is going to be for Horizon’s vocal version of “Flare”.

The second picture is a piece for “Showtime (Svix Mix)”, a remix of Showtime that will be on the album. I did a tribute to where the original song plays in the comic, during John’s strife with Dad, using my own style in pixel form.

I’m really happy to be contributing to this album and had a lot of fun putting together both of these. ^^

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    (( These are mine, just finished that first one in stream. I’ll be doodling prescratch trolls now if you’d like to come...
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